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About Us

At Navyug Trust, our deep commitment to empowering the next generation through education and equal opportunities fuels everything we do. Navyug Trust was founded with the noble goal of improving the lives of underprivileged children by offering financial aid and extensive scholarship programmes. Our unwavering commitment to this cause is motivated by our conviction that education has the ability to break down barriers and provide access to a better, more just world.

We believe that every child has potential that is just waiting to be realised. Join us as we strive to create a better, more inclusive future for everyone by helping to illuminate their paths one scholarship at a time.


To create a society in which every child, regardless of family income, has the opportunity to pursue a quality education and develop holistically. Our mission is to lead kids towards a better future and to have a positive impact on their neighborhoods.


Our goal is to close the achievement gap in education by providing extensive scholarship programmes that cover not only tuition costs but also mentorship, skill development, and personal growth. We work hard to spot young people with exceptional potential and give them the resources they need to succeed academically and develop into fully-rounded people prepared to make a positive contribution to society.

"Our Core Values"

  • Equity: We firmly believe that every child deserves the same opportunity to have a successful future. Our dedication to equity motivates us to design and implement inclusive scholarship programmes that address the various needs of disadvantaged kids.


  • Excellence in Education: We believe that education is the foundation of advancement. We strive to provide educational experiences that not only meet the highest standards of excellence, but also surpass them through ongoing innovation and collaboration.


  • Empowerment: We give kids the knowledge, abilities, and self-assurance they need to end the cycle of poverty through empowerment. We equip them to become change agents in their own lives and communities by developing their talents and offering mentorship.


  • Integrity: The cornerstones of our business are transparency and integrity. In managing funds, assessing applications, and making sure that every resource is put to use for the benefit of the kids we serve, we uphold the highest ethical standards.


  • Community Engagement: We are aware that real change only occurs when communities work together. To build a network of assistance that supports an environment favorable to learning and growth, we actively engage with neighborhood communities, educational institutions, and volunteers.

"Data Processing & Payments Partner"


Is an information technology firm that assists us with applicant data processing, payment processing, scholarship disbursement, and other digital asset management.

"Media & Coverage Partner"


Is a digital news publishing company helping us expand our reach and media coverage. besides locating donors and volunteers.

"Cultivating Opportunities"

We are in progress of seeking various collaborations with charity organisations and corporates as below.


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