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Scholarship Terms & Condition:

Application Disqualification:

Providing false or misleading information by a student will lead to immediate disqualification of the application. Subsequent applications from the student will not be considered for the next two consecutive years.

Incomplete Application:

Incomplete applications will be rejected and will not proceed to the verification process. Students are strongly advised to meticulously fill out the application form and attach all required documents as specified.

Scholarship Disbursal:

The disbursal of scholarships is contingent upon the granted scholarship amount. Students who meet the criteria for covering full course fees and boarding expenses will have these funds directly paid to their institutes by the trust. This will be done against valid fee receipts or fee quotations.


The scholarship will cover only tuition fees and boarding expenses. Other costs such as transportation, project expenses, non-academic tours, study tour expenses, and stationery will not be covered. Students eligible for study allowances will receive direct deposits into the bank account they provided in their application.

Number of Scholarships:

The number of scholarships is subject to limitations determined by the trust committee, based on donor contributions and fund availability. The trust is not obligated to grant scholarships to all applicants.

Scholarship Amount:

The amount of scholarship granted depends on the type of course, the student’s family income, and their academic performance.


All applications must be submitted through the prescribed online application format. No other modes of application will be accepted.


Applications that are shortlisted will undergo thorough verification by the trust committee. Selected applicants will be directly contacted by the trust.

Multiple Applications:

Students who are eligible can apply for multiple scholarships. However, each student will be considered for selection under only one scholarship.

Application Fees:

Specified application fees applicable for one application, The application fees are non-refundable, whether partially or fully, under any circumstance.

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